Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Chinese Biogas Manual

China Chinese Biogas Manual community education

Chinese Biogas Manual

China are the clear world leaders in biogas technology, and after reading some of this document it is clear why.


China has huge rural/agricultural communities that traditionally struggled with energy production and sanitation. Part of the government's response was in the form of the attached manual. Its effectiveness is immense, as it empowers people to construct and operate their own digesters within their communities. Once the digester is constructed it serves the needs of the whole community, providing biogas to run agriculural machinery, heat water, or power stoves. As well as providing energy it provided a way to deal with human waste, neutralising another large rural problem; parasites.


At the moment there are millions of successfully operational digesters in China, and their atitude of open-source technology, and community upliftment through education is truly inspirational.


"This manual has been translated virtually verbatim from the Chinese. It conveys not just the substance but the tone of Chinese technical

education for rural areas. A decisive feature of China’s technical education is that it encourages people to assimilate and modulate technology

to their own needs - the result is that people develop themselves."


The link is from appropedia, although its big, its well worth it

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  • biofriend


    30 January 2012 at 09:36 |
    What an insightful document. I feel like I could go and build my own digester right away!