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Domestic Biogas - Stanford Village

Domestic Biogas - Stanford Village

Updated on 22 June 2011

  • “The gas was of secondary importance to me” says Peter, “I hate wasting water and wanted to teach my kids and their friends how waste and water can be easily recycled.”

    The Bysshe family also noticed an obvious improvement in soil quality in the three years they have been using the nutrient rich water.

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Domestic Biogas 1  - Noordhoek, Cape Town

Domestic Biogas 1 - Noordhoek, Cape Town

Updated on 19 March 2013

  • Anthea Torr, CEO of Enchantrix, loves her biogas digester. She feeds it food waste, sewage and horse manure. The digester overflow goes via a reedbed into a holding tank from where it is used to fertilise and irrigate her fruit and nut trees. She uses the biogas to cook, boil water and make toast. Biogas has helped Anthea almost achieve her goal of being independent of the electricity grid.

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