Rural Biogas - Phateni, KwaZulu Natal

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In the rural village of Phateni in KwaZulu-Natal, AGAMA BiogasPro have revolutionised life for the families involved. They no longer have to collect firewood or buy paraffin for cooking. They have reduced their dependence on electricity, and use the residue as compost.
Many rural families use animal dung to feed their biogas plant, feeding a plant once a day with a mixture of dung and water. The dung from two to four cows or five to 10 pigs produces enough gas for all their cooking needs and sometimes lighting too.

“The digester saves a lot of time and money. I am too old to collect firewood and my pension is not enough to buy paraffin or gas.” Mrs Nzimande.

“I have used the liquid fertiliser and have enough food to eat. I only have to buy things like salt, sugar and cooking oil.” Mrs Ngubane