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AGAMA BiogasPro Enquiry 2013

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AGAMA BiogasPro digester is a rural waste to energy solution.

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Liquid feed into the AGAMA BiogasPro digester

AGAMA recommend that you separate the black and grey water, as grey water has very little content that can produce biogas.  As a guideline, in urban areas for each person we estimate

  • 50 litres of black (toilet) water per day, and
  • 150 litres of grey water per day.

Several AGAMA BiogasPros can be installed in line with each other for higher usage.

Animal wastes into the digester
AGAMA BiogasPro digesters produce excellent gas from animal manures fed to the digester in addition to wet waste.

number of cows
number of pigs
number of chickens
number of horses
number of goats
number of sheep
Use of biogas from the digester

AGAMA Biogas recommends using the biogas for cooking.  There are a few applications where we would be happy to specify using the biogas for an alternate use such as water heating if there are no cooking needs.

Use of the liquid overflow from the digester - (digestate)

If black water is added to the AGAMA BiogasPro, it must comply with local laws for sanitation. This may require the liquid overflow to go into the existing sewer, or a soakaway or similar treatment system. In South Africa this falls under the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry (DWAF).

If no human sewerage is added, the liquid will be perfectly suitable for fertilising vegetable gardens. If human sewerage is used, then further ( expensive ) treatment is required before the water can be used for irrigation.

If you answer 'Yes' then a comprehensive wastewater treatment system MAY be necessary

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