Monday, 18 June 2012

A visit by all the staff to our manufacturers

AGAMA BiogasPro education factory SmartTop staff

A visit by all the staff to our manufacturers

We have been blessed with an incredibly adaptable, innovative manufacturer, 4EVR plastics who have been manufacturing our digesters since 2010. We decided to take everyone from our offices to visit them and see digester manufacture in action.


 4EVR were as excited as we were to be building a product completely new to the South African market. During our time of working with them we have learnt that roto-moulding is an art and a science. The moulten plastic must be spun into every corner of the mould and must be spread evenly, no mean feat when the design is as complex as our tanks with lots of nooks and crannies

 4EVR’s enthusiastic team jumped at the chance to try something new and after a few tries, quickly got the hang of the process, producing tanks that passed our 65 point ,in-factory check in no time. Since then they have bought a thickness tester so they can easily make sure that the plastic is evenly spread throughout the two halves that make up the BiogasPro. After the top and bottom halves are welded together, the digester is filled with water to check for leaks, and it is pressurised with air to check it for gas tightness. That is the joy of the prefab unit, quality can be assured at source and not on-site as with the built systems. There is nothing worse than doing an installation in an isolated area and finding a leak when there is no hardware store for miles!

We decided it was long overdue time that we take our green building staff, admin staff and consulting engineers to see the factory, meet their staff and see the manufacturing process at firsthand. At AGAMA we don’t want to all be working in separate silos. We want all the staff to know what the others are doing, not least because we so often find there are synergies between the projects we are involved with since we all work in the Sustainability arena.

Luckily they were busy manufacturing a digester while we were there so we were able to watch it being extracted from the mould and the still warm top piece being placed on the cooled base ensuring a tight fit. The good news is that now any staff member can answer in depth questions about how our digesters are made. A big thank you to 4EVR!

Marisa Naude