Wednesday, 18 April 2012

AGAMA Biogas at NAMPO 2012

BiogasPro Expo SmartTop

Our BiogasPro digesters feature at world class agricultural show in the Free State. The BiogasPro can turn animal manure and crop waste into useful energy and organic fertiliser so it is ideal for use in farmhouses and farm labourer's dwellings managing waste, saving electricity and irrigating vegetable gardens with nutrient rich water.


One of the largest privately organised and owned exhibitions in the world and the largest show of agricultural machinery and livestock in the Southern Hemisphere takes place annually outside Bothaville in the Free State, Republic of South Africa. AGAMA Biogas has been asked by the Rhino Group to include our digesters on their stand at the show where they will have a team of 6 sales people demonstrating their products to the public.

We see our household size digesters playing a pivotal role in supplying energy and handling the waste of farmhouses and farm labourer's accommodation.There is ample supply of organic waste on a farm - animal manure and/or crop waste - and both farmers and their staff are struggling with the escalating cost of electricity, which due to Eskom's peak demand charges, often affects farmers even more adversely than city dwellers. Where a biogas digester replaces a septic tank you get energy supply, waste management and the possibility of water recycling.

If the labour force is benefiting from gas generated from easily accessible waste they will have the autonomy to manage their own energy supply and save money. Waste will be better managed and the quality of water exiting the digester is far better than that exiting a septic tank.

Rhino will also be demonstrating black water systems that can take the water leaving our digesters and purify it to a point where the water can be re used for irrigation.

In so many areas raw sewage is making its way into our rivers adversely affecting crops and human health - our digesters are another step towards better, safer waste management, access to energy and the possibility of water reuse.

Marisa Naude

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  • P Vermaak

    P Vermaak

    15 May 2012 at 06:25 |
    Please could you send me details of your full product range. Many thanks
    • Greg Austin

      Greg Austin

      17 May 2012 at 10:37 |
      Hi, have been held up at NAMPO ... we will be in touch via email with the info requested.