Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Internships at AGAMA Biogas

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We have been very fortunate to have had three UCT students with us over the 2011 - 2012 year end period.  We all had a lot of fun! Here's a quick tribute to them and the work they did so well ...

Dillon Warren:

Dillon had just finished his Honours in Economics when he joined us for a 6-week period towards the end of last year.  His modelling of the costs and benefits of biogas systems was tremendous, and his insights into the biogas business models kept us on our toes!  

Xolani Melane:

Xolani was with us for an effective 6-week period over the new year period.  At the time he had just graduated with Chemical Engineering from UCT.  His main activity was to undertake a user survey, which he performed admirably.  See the link below to a separate blog posting of the results of the survey.

Paul Mesarcik

Paul spent 4 weeks with us in 2012, and has earlier this month returned back to Mechatronics final year at UCT.  Paul assisted us in 3 areas: establishing this blog; facilitating the commissioning and training of the Bonne Esperance management for using their biogas digester; and playing a central role in moving biogas monitoring equipment from a pilot site to the digester at UCT (see separate related content below).


We wish you all the best.

Greg Austin