Friday, 06 July 2012

Taking Sustainable Living to the next level

Biogas karoo off grid sustainable living

Taking Sustainable Living to the next level


An extract from an article that appeared in the latest edition (June) of the reputable 25 degrees magazine

Joel Immermann, a retired freelance photographer, takes self-sufficient living to the next level. His house in the Karoo is fitted with solar panels, a gas stove and a BiogasPro 6 digester from Agama Biogas that supplies enough energy for him to do his daily chores. 


Six months ago Immermann installed a biodigester. He decided to try it out, as the biodigester enables him to recycle his household waste rather than feeding it into the environment. “My aim is to become totally self-sufficient by living off the grid,” he says. He wants to minimise his carbon footprint. Immermann says it was easy to install the biodigester. All he needed to do, was to connect his sewerage pipe to the device and then feed it with biomass to produce gas.  


Each day he feeds his biodigester with cow dung, vegetable offcuts and sewage, producing enough gas for 50 minutes of cooking time on his stove. The cow dung is sourced from a local farmer, while the vegetable offcuts and sewage come from his household.



Marisa Naude