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23 May 2013

Biogas Appliances

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These biogas appliances are available from AGAMA biogas

0 - 10 kPa Pressure Gauge - R475

Safegas 2-plate auto-ignition original biogas stove.

AGAMA Kitchen unit - ( excludes pressure gauge and valve)


Gas pressure gauge (0 – 10 kPa) 

Safe gas C 30 2-ring industrial burner 

Safegas C8 2-plate boiling table 

Biogas Water Heater 8L/minute  


AGAMA BiogasPro3 - We have burning gas !

The first produced gas has come out of the AGAMA BiogasPro3! Well done to Monte and Louise who have installed it themselves, started it, burped it and are now burning their own waste as biogas.

14 June 2012

AGAMA KZN distributor, Warren Confait in the news

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Warren has a digester of his own at home and is keen to share his experiences

Warren Confait, who distributes AGAMA BiogasPro digester in KZN, talks to the Natal Witness about why it is taking South Africans so long to "come to the biogas party" when people in other countries have been benefitting from "free gas" for decades already.

15 December 2011

AGAMA BiogasPro Placed 2nd in SA Cleantech Competition 2011

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AGAMA BiogasPro Placed 2nd in SA Cleantech Competition 2011

AGAMA is very pleased to have been recognised for the innovation and quality of the AGAMA BiogasPro and AGAMA SmartTop biogas digesters by being placed second in the SA Cleantech Competition 2011, at a gala dinner event on Thursday 8 December at the Elangeni Hotel in Durban.  We had stiff competition and congratulate SBMT who have developed a technology to convert waste paper sludge into ethanol. More info can be found at

05 September 2011

AGAMA BiogasPro wins international design award

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2011 Green Good Design Award

The BiogasPro is one of the contributors to The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design's Green Good Design Award 2011 that has been selected as an Award winner, for making a positive contribution in the area of more sustainable design and environment.

09 August 2011

AGAMA SmartTop trial Update (August '11)

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The prototype SmartTop installation was completed in June 2011 (excluding the gas components).  The installation was done at a private home in Cape Town, and the SmartTop digester receives all the 'waste' from the home excluding the toilet water.

19 June 2011

Water Research Commission biogas and rainwater harvesting project

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Water and nutrient conservation are key benefits of biogas energy systems

AGAMA Biogas is the lead technical partner in this 5-year WRC project, which is being led by the University of KwaZulu-Natal. The research outcomes will determine the impact of installing biogas and rainwater harvesting systems on grassland systems, fodder production, livestock health and rural livelihoods.

19 June 2011

AGAMA begins trials on BiogasPro SmartTop

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Green job creation

We are trialling the first prototype of the SmartTop biogas digester, in Cape Town.  The SmartTop is a hybrid digester, with some elements built in-situ and the critical gastight areas being prefabricated.  This we believe is the best of both worlds: